I’m Harlin. I work at Alfresco as a support tech. Currently I handle cases that have to do with issues that are infrastructure-related (authentication, clustering, proxy setup, performance tuning, etc.). A few related jobs I’ve had in the past:

  • Systems engineer – Cox Communications (www.kudzu.com)
  • Sysadmin – IBM E-Learning
  • Sysadmin – The CDC
  • Consultant – AES (working with the Nimbus monitoring tool)

And a few un-related ones… Before working in IT I had something of a nomadic work life. After getting out of the Marine Corps I’ve done the following with varying degrees of success (mostly the unsuccessful kind):

  • Warehouse worker
  • Cleaning carpets
  • Selling Trucking school enrollments
  • Selling vacation vouchers for promotions
  • Selling home alarm systems
  • Collecting money from rental customers
  • Selling cemetery property
  • Selling industrial chemicals
  • Selling lawncare

Exciting huh?

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