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IMAP: Exposing one folder instead of the whole repository

I recently had a customer ask how he can expose a single folder as AlfrescoIMAP instead of exposing the whole repository by default. True, if you set up Alfresco’s IMAP out of the box, the whole repo is exposed in the Outlook client. In and of itself, this is not a bad thing. But, sometimes you may want to deal with one folder instead of the whole thing. Here’s how to do that. We’ll assume that you’ve gone into the “Company Home” directory which is effectively the top level of the repository and created a sub-directory there called “MyIMAProot”. You can then set the following in


This should work after a restart but keep in mind that if some users try to configure their Outlook client and do not have access to the subdirectories, there is a bug that will keep Alfresco from rendering all subdirs since it gives up on the rest of cycling through if it encounters a folder it doesn’t have rights to. You can read more about that here:

This will likely be ready when 4.2.4 comes out which isn’t far off. But for now, as long as your users have access to this folder and any subfolders within MyIMAProot, you should be good to go.


H.S. :)